Dayton, Kentucky, Athens, and Funeral

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Took off Friday, August 10 to attend a birthday party for a friend who lives near Florence, KY. It’s just a ways across the Ohio River a few miles from Cincinnati. Spent the night Friday at my brother Ed’s and headed to the party Saturday late afternoon. It was a great party and I had fun meeting many new people.

My brother in law passed away the day before I left and I decided to stay in Ohio until the funeral which is to be held Thursday, Aug. 16. With a few days to kill, I decided to ride over to Athens, Ohio and ride some of the great routes that originate from Athens. The rides have been developed by the city of Athens and are called the Ohio’s Windy 9. Ron, (the deceased brother in law) and I often talked about meeting in Athens and riding together. I figured it was fitting to go in his honor.

I’m staying at a nice at Burr Oak Lodge which is a state park run facility. Nice place with a great setting and a beautiful view of a lake from my room.

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