2019 MOA Rally

I took some time off from the basement to go to the National BMW Rally June 13-16th. It was held at the Fairgrounds in Lebanon, TN It was about a 700 mile trip from Harbor Beach so I thought I would take my time and split it up into 2 days. I road the 2 lane highways to my brother’s house South of Dayton and got a night of free room and board. The ride down was no fun as it poured rain most of the way with strong crosswinds and cold temps. The roads I chose were full of truck traffic too. It’s always fun to follow a slow truck spraying water so much that visibility makes it impossible to pass without risk of a head on collision. Try it on a motorcycle. But I stayed dry with my wet weather gear and persevered. One of the guys I met at the rally said, “BMW riders aren’t pussies”. We tend to complain about the weather but we generally push forward, regardless.

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