A Summary of my Fall 2019 Coast to Coast Tour.

Maintaining the blog on this trip was not a priority. After a hard day of riding, I’m just not in the mood to sit at the keyboard and chronicle the days events. But I have decided to create a summary of the trip just to archive the tour before the memory slips. So here we go. See my entire route on a map here.

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Let’s Go!

On the way for my 3rd annual fall ride. Not sure exactly where I’m headed but I hope to make it out to the Pacific Northwest and back. I Left home around noon yesterday and it started to rain as soon as I left my driveway. Just a drizzle but it followed me all the way to Detroit. Once the rain stopped it started to get hot and the temp kept marching up. When I got to Dayton it was 96 degree and humid. I wasn’t dressed appropriately and I was cooked when I got to my brother Ed’s house. On my was south to Knoxville today. Looking at the map, I have decided to go through Daniel Boone National Forest. Will report back later. To see my progress on a map, click “where am I today” link above.