Fun in the Rain

49.77 Miles
13.42 avg mph
117 bpm avg heart rate
1822 Calories burned
774 Elevation gain
241.7  accumulated miles

What an exciting day. Started off with a trash truck rumbling through the campgrounds at 5:00. Why do these guys always start so early in the morning? So I was up and couldn’t get back to sleep. Rain was threatening so I decided to leave early and try to beat the storm headed our way. Didn’t work. Started raining almost as soon as I left and never stopped. Most of the time, it was pouring. My glasses fogged up so I couldn’t see.

I was actually feeling pretty good for the day and decided to do the 100 mile optional route. Unfortunately, I wasn’t paying attention again and missed the turnoff. When I discovered the error I was more than 5 miles down the road and I didn’t want to turn the ride into 110 miles. So I only road about 50 miles for the day. I arrived super early in spite of the fact that I stopped for breakfast. Once I got my luggage, I had to set up camp in the rain. Fun time. Our home for the night is Watsonville. Next stop is Almont and then back to St. Clair on Friday.

Once camp was set, I headed for the showers. To put a stamp on a wonderful day, the showers were ice cold. That’s enough fun for the day. About 67 miles tomorrow. Weather looks to be dry but hot.

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