Thursday – I’m Done

70.32 Miles
14.9 mph
123 bpm avg heart rate
2493 Calories burned
1046 ft. elevation gain
312.0 Accumulated Miles

The rain finally stopped last night after dinner so got a chance to dry off some of the gear. I am very happy with my new tent. Kept me dry and the extra space was much appreciated. With a week worth of experience, I can set up camp in about 15 minutes. This will be beneficial when I take some long motorcycle tours later this year.

The ride was good if not uneventful. I didn’t miss the optional route turnoff this time so I got the longer miles in. Big problem was the road surfaces. Man, Michigan needs to spend some serious money on road improvements. Those skinny tires are pumped up to 100psi and they are like riding on steel rims. One rider hit a pothole, went down and took another rider with him. Fortunately, no one was seriously hurt but road rash hurts. It’s no fun at all and the rolling resistance increases significantly.

Last night I started thinking about calling it quits after today’s ride. The last day is only 30 miles and they have some festivities that will prevent me from picking up my luggage early. I have visitors starting to come Friday afternoon and I want to be there when they arrive. I called my friend Bob Montana and asked if he could pick me up in Almont and take me to my car in St. Clare. He generously said yes, so he picked me and my gear up about 3:30 and took me to my car. I was home by 6:00. Nice to sleep in my own bed last night.

Final thoughts…
I don’t think I’ll do this tour again. I just found the route to be uninteresting and those back roads were really bumpy. I enjoyed the people on the tour and had a great time interacting with so many friendly, like minded people. The tour is well organized and the volunteers do a great job. I just think there are plenty of other, more interesting tours I can take.


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