Tuesday – Missed the Turnoff

53.38 Miles
13.6 avg MPH
118 bpm avg heart rate
1197 ft Altitude Ascent
1969 Calories burned
191.7 Total Accumulated Miles

Not much happening of interest. East winds kept the ride a bit rough but it wasn’t too bad. Not much scenery. Just more of the same corn fields and roadkill. They seem to have more coons and possums than we have around HB.

I wasn’t paying attention to my bike computer and missed the turn off for the longer, optional route. I missed out on 20 additional miles. Oh well, I can call it a recovery day. Only 53 miles….

Today’s stop is at Owosso High School. I was impressed with the community support for the event. They had a shuttle bus that ran into town every 20 minutes and many of the local stores had discounts and other promotions for the bikers. I went into town and grabbed a burger and a couple beers.

That’s it, not very interesting I know. Really not many photo ops either. See you tomorrow. Should be interesting. Rain tonight and most of the day tomorrow. Whoopee!

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