Monday – They lied about the wind

67.31 miles
13.32mph Avg speed
122 bpm avg heart rate
1758 ft elevation gain
2686 Calories burned

A miserable day. Weather forecast called for West winds but they were East. Some fairly big hills in the morning but then we were riding the corn fields. Flat with terrible road surfaces. One long section was just recently redone with chip/seal. Since it was new, it wasn’t packed and it was bumpy.

No support stops for the last 25 miles and there was no place to buy anything. The organizers called it a food desert. I would have been nice if they at least had a water thermos somewhere in that 25 miles.

We ended in the town of Portland. A nice place with 3 micro breweries. I was ready for some beer for sure.

Gonna be an early night as the forecast calls for more headwinds tomorrow.

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