Day 3, Onto Wisconsin

251 Miles…

An easy day, except for the rain. That’s 3 days straight of my 3 day trip. The 12% chance of rain turned into 100% for about half the trip today. The good news is that my rain gear is working well and I’m getting more confident riding in slicker road conditions. The forecast is sunny with moderate temperatures for the next few days. I’ll believe it when it comes. Good weather for the weekend is important because I plan to go to a BMW motorcycle rally in the Wisconsin Dells tomorrow and the rest of the weekend. I’ll be camping so let’s all pray for drier conditions. I’m excited because it’ll be my first rally.

I learned a few things today. For instance, did you know that part of Michigan is on Central Time? Also, there doesn’t appear to be many deer in the UP. At least that’s my view based on anecdotal evidence. I only saw one dead deer and one live deer on the side of the road in over 500 miles. I guess the road commissions in the UP may be better at removing the dead ones and I was not riding during peak activity time (except for last night around Copper Harbor). Must be the severe winters or the bears eating them.

Did you know that Keweenaw, MI had 23 feet of snow last year and the record is 32.5 feet in ’78-79. See the photo gallery for day 3 for pictures of their famous snowfall tower.

Old Style beer signSeemed like every small town had a bar with an Old Style sign out front.  I wanted to try one when I stopped for dinner, but funny enough, they didn’t carry it.




This Shell station gave me a free coffee this morning. I don’t know if they do that for everyone or they were just feeling sorry for me because I looked like a wet puppy. As soon as I stopped there and grabbed my coffee, it started to downpour. So I just enjoyed the coffee and waited for the rain to subside.


Excited about the Rally tomorrow. I’m sure I’ll have some stories to tell. And maybe some photos.

Finally, here’s a youtube video of yesterdays Falls and another one too.



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