Day 4 Glorious Sun! and Lots of BMWs

198 Miles…

Finally found some sun and the temperature was a perfect 60 degrees F. It was a great 200 mile ride through the county roads of Wisconsin. These roads all have alphabetical names such as CR Z or ZZ. So the saying goes, “I took the alphabet roads today”.

Arrived at Wisconsin Dells about 3:30 and registered for the weekend rally. I found a spot back in the corner to pitch my tent so I would be in a quiet space. Of course, I was serenaded with stereo snoring in tents on either side of me. I was tired so it didn’t really bother me. Chilly night with temps in the low 40’s but the sleeping bag was warm. Note to self… don’t drink too much beer on a night like that because you’ll have to drag yourself out of the tent and into the cold to relieve yourself, twice.

Not sure of the official attendance count but there are certainly well over 500 bikes at the rally. BMW’s of every era and style. Of course the participants are friendly and all love to talk about motorcycles and great places to ride. For the most part they are also old. The motorcycle industry needs to do a better job of attracting the youth or they’ll be in trouble after us old farts can no longer hold up our bikes. Fantastic Blues music was provided by Reverend Raven. The dude on the harmonica was very cool. Here’s an audio clip.

I plan on taking a self guided ride around the area this afternoon after the temps go up a bit. There’s a couple of seminars I want to attend and dinner followed by another band tonight. Then Sunday, it’s off to a new destinations which is unknown at this point.

2 thoughts on “Day 4 Glorious Sun! and Lots of BMWs”

  1. I’m enjoying your travels. Hope you get better weather as you go. I agree with Patricia, the younger riders are waiting for their time to be free to travel as they want to… Be safe out there!

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