Day 2 – Tahquamenon Falls, Pictured Rocks, Copper Harbor plus Cold Rain

Tahquamenon Falls

378 Miles…
Got a late start today. I decided to lighten my load on the bike because I was struggling with the heavy load of luggage. They say you almost always over pack the first time on a trip like this and that was the case with me. I could barely lift my top bag let alone try to do slow maneuvers with the bike so top heavy. So I sorted through the stuff and only kept the bare essentials. I really didn’t need a phone, laptop and tablet so the tablet was removed. I packed a bunch of AAA travel books and other maps but they were very heavy and most of them were removed. I can do my research on the laptop and also go to local AAA outlets for guides/maps. All the non-essentials were boxed up and sent back home via the local UPS store.
First stop was Tahquamenon Falls. One of the most popular spots in the UP for tourists. There’s the lower and upper falls. Image above is the lower falls. The views are just a short hike to viewing platforms. Definitely worth the hike. I was pleasantly surprised to find a brew pub in the falls state park. I had a Harvest Wheat which was pretty good. The brewery has been in business for 21 years and only sell their brews at the falls.
Second stop was Pictured Rocks. The wind and clouds began to pick up as I arrived. The best way to see the views is by tour boat. Unfortunately, the wind and waves kept the boats on shore. There’s still places to see the formations from shore so I drove the 12 miles out to Miners Castle. I’ll have some pictures in the gallery when I get set up.
Finally, I made a beeline for Copper Harbor. It was to be a cold, wet 189 mile ride. I was scheduled to arrive at 7:30 which was a little later than I like to go but I was determined to make it. The Garmin had me bypass Marquette which was a disappointment but I didn’t want to delay my arrival any longer and I have been there before so I followed the Garmin. I did go through Houghton, MI which is the home of Michigan Technical University. The view driving up the coast of the Keweenaw Peninsula was spectacular, even in the cold and very windy drizzle. We stayed in Copper Harbor around 25 years ago with the kids. The place hasn’t changed much. I’m pretty sure I stayed in the same hotel last night. I clearly remember renting a row boat and fishing with Ben out in the bay in front of the hotel. I even remember we caught only 1 bass that day. I remember how beautiful and remote the place is. I believe it’s the furthest North you can go in Michigan.
So, it’s off to Wisconsin this morning.

7 thoughts on “Day 2 – Tahquamenon Falls, Pictured Rocks, Copper Harbor plus Cold Rain”

  1. It sounds like lightening your load was a good choice. Safety first! I look forward to reading about your adventures every day.

  2. The falls look beautiful. I know I’ve been there before, but I was too young to appreciate them. With all of your travels, I’m sure you’ll be able to recommend a good spot for all of us to vacation/camp next year. Stay safe. ❤️

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