Ronald Reagan and the Joys of Lane Splitting

This morning I took a trip up to Simi Valley to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. It’s 100+ miles right through LA’s freeways to get there. I planned this trip for the weekend to avoid the commuter traffic which is horrendous. The ride up was uneventful with light to moderate traffic.

I enjoy these libraries and want to eventually get to all of them. There are total of 13 and I’ve been to 5 so far; Nixon, Reagan, Ford, Roosevelt, and Hoover. This was by far the best. It was a huge facility with tons of exhibits including his Air Force One and Helicopter. I love to learn more about the early experiences of the presidents. Reagan was the son of an alcoholic shoe salesman but had a mother who was a relentless do gooder and pushed Ronald to be his best. It’s interesting how many of our presidents came from humble beginnings and were inspired by women, either their mother or wife or both. Reagan presided over a country which was in need of great leadership. He was “the great communicator” and it was wonderful to listen to some of his most famous speeches. We could certainly use some unifying leadership today. Afterwards I ordered his diaries on Audible and I’ll listen to them on the way back home.

The traffic was miserable on the way home. But, being on a motorcycle, it is now perfectly legal to “lane split”in California so I zipped past almost all of the traffic. I was apprehensive and first but decided to follow a Harley to get the hang of it. I got comfortable and had no problems. Great deal as Google maps told me there were multiple delays due to accidents on I5. One delay was 17 minutes long but I whipped through it in less than 5. Hooray for line splitting.

Some pictures of the library are posted in the photo gallery. Enjoy.

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  1. Oh my! Reminds me of when we were in Bogota and motorcycles would squeeze into the tiniest spaces, sometimes running into side mirrors on cars and trucks desperate to get through traffic. Glad you are enjoying your trip! Thanks for letting us enjoy it too. Be safe!!

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