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Back in the mid 70’s when I was still riding motorcycles, I remember reading an article about the top 10 motorcycle rides in the country. One of the routes was the Ortega Highway (it might have even been no. 1 on the list). For some reason, even 40+ years later, I still remember that article and I remember hoping to ride it some day. In fact, I put it on my bucket list which I made about a year and a half ago. Well that some day came yesterday!

map of ortega highwayThe ride starts at San Juan Capistrano and continues through the mountains to Palm Springs and then heads back down Pinyon Pines and I ultimately wound up in Oceanside. About 280 miles of incredible roads. I’ve posted a map in the photo gallery. Well paved with little traffic on a week day. It was also a sunny 85 degrees. A perfect day and all I could wish for. I played around with my GoPro and have posted a short clip here on youtube and also in the photo gallery..

Beyond the magnificent views and wonderful twisty roads are several interesting towns. As I approached Palm Springs I drove through a valley that has the largest collection of wind turbines I have ever seen. It’s called San Gorgonio Pass Wind Farm. There is a photo in today’s gallery. There’s over 4000 turbines crammed into a fairly small valley leading into the city. As a reference, Huron County has only about a 10th of that number. Apparently, it generates enough electricity to power a city the size of San Francisco. That of course is if the wind is blowing.

Check out the photo gallery. I finally got a GoPro and I have posted a short video of my ride through the mountains. This should get all you girls worried but I decided to post it anyway.

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  1. You had me leaning into the curves….and yes, kinda nerve wrecking for me. Glad the weather is awesome. You are missing nothing but snow and cold at home. Enjoy!! Thanks for the continued updates. Love it!!

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