Day 11, 2 New States, Rain, Wind and a Leaky Tire

September 15, 2017

420 miles…

Took off in a heavy downpour. Got a block away from the motel and my tire pressure warning came on. Crap! It was a slow leak that I could not locate. The portable compressor I packed decided to crap out so I had to go back to town and find a gas station. All of this in heavy rain no less. So for the rest of the day, I kept an eye on the tire pressure and had to stop for air about every 100 miles. I was visiting my friend in Wyoming (picture above) and would deal with it permanently when I got there.

I headed directly South to Nebraska and then turned right to get into Wyoming. It rained the first 100 miles then let up until about the last 100 miles. The last 100 was exciting with heavy rain and a really stiff crosswind. Passing trucks in that rain and cross winds was kind of nerve racking but I powered through.

Enjoyed more beautiful scenery in Nebraska and the prairies went on forever just like in South Dakota. Also saw a great many Antelopes and Prong Horn Sheep (thanks for clarifying Pat). Saw several good size herds and a couple big bucks but couldn’t get pictures before they took off.

Arrived at my friends around 5:00 in heavy rain and wind so I was glad the day was over. The good news was I and the gear were dry. It pays to buy quality gear. Chris Mann and I calculated that it’s been 20 years since we’ve seen each other. We had a great dinner at a local resort restaurant and we told stories all night. My plan is to stay a couple days and get the tire sorted and head out on Monday.

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