Lynn’s Crib

Lynn's Crib

On Thanksgiving, 2019, my niece, Lynn was pregnant with twins. I have made several beds for myself, my kids, grand kids and various other nieces and nephews. In fact, last count, I have made 18 beds. Some were cribs, twins, queens and this one is 3 beds in 1. Her mother, Joanne gave me a heads up that she was going to ask to me make her a crib. I was a little tired of making beds and didn’t want to do it but I’m a soft touch so I agreed. Although she was having twins, she only wanted one bed. She said she had another.

In order to try to discourage here, a created a material list and priced out the material. She wanted it made from walnut. I was running out of my stock so I would have to purchase it. Walnut is expensive and the cost of materials was rather high. I don’t charge labor for these projects but just the material would be about 4 times higher than one purchased. After some deliberation she came back to me and said her grandfather had some walnut he had stored for many years and he agreed to give it to her. I provided a material list and picked up the wood in early August.

I procrastinated throughout the summer and finally got focused in late November. I committed to having it to her before Christmas.

I’m fairly happy with the way it turned out. More pictures are in the gallery.

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