Couldn’t Resist – Free Shipping

slab of wood for benches

I went back to Dana Point this morning to pick up the truck and trailer and start heading East. I decided to go back to the David Allen Collection and scout out some wood. After all I had the truck to ship it back. I was looking for a piece to make a bench for my new dining room table. I found the perfect piece and negotiated a good deal. I believe I can get 2 benches out of the slab. Should be fairly easy to make. Just hope it doesn’t take 3 years like the table.

I went down there with just the truck and I needed to get the big slab in the trailer. My friend wasn’t in town so I went to the local Home Depot parking lot and looked for a big strong guy to help me move it to the trailer. No problem and it’s now safe and sound in the trailer.

Next stop, Vegas…

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