Day 24, My Hometown

picture of steve schwab's friends at luncheon

September 29, 2017

89 miles…

Visited my friends in Dayton, Ohio for a very long lunch today. Great time. I have known many of these friends since I was born as we were from the same neighborhood. The gang is the featured image above this post.

Then bopped up to Columbus area for a pizza dinner with daughter Liz and her friends. It’s always a fun night out and her gang does it every Friday night after work.

I’ll be leaving for home tomorrow late morning but first will make a stop at the famous Iron Pony in Columbus. It’s a mega store for motorcycles and accessories. I’ve been there once before and was really impressed. Can’t miss an opportunity to do a little bit of shopping. New boots are on the agenda for sure. They have rows and rows of shoes to look and and try on. You can’t beat trying them on before you buy. Can’t do that on the internet. I’m sure there will be a few more items to bring home. Can’t be too much because my carrying capacity is severely limited on the bike.

Should be home tomorrow in the early evening. I’ll post my final thought about the trip on Sunday.

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