Day 2 – Tahquamenon Falls, Pictured Rocks, Copper Harbor plus Cold Rain

378 Miles…
Got a late start today. I decided to lighten my load on the bike because I was struggling with the heavy load of luggage. They say you almost always over pack the first time on a trip like this and that was the case with me. I could barely lift my top bag let alone try to do slow maneuvers with the bike so top heavy. So I sorted through the stuff and only kept the bare essentials. I really didn’t need a phone, laptop and tablet so the tablet was removed. I packed a bunch of AAA travel books and other maps but they were very heavy and most of them were removed. I can do my research on the laptop and also go to local AAA outlets for guides/maps. All the non-essentials were boxed up and sent back home via the local UPS store. Continue reading “Day 2 – Tahquamenon Falls, Pictured Rocks, Copper Harbor plus Cold Rain”

The Fall 2017 Journey Begins

Finally ready to go. I spent all day yesterday getting the bike ready. I used my new Harbor Freight wheel changer to mount and balance new tires on the front and rear. After that I changed the oil and preformed checkup and general cleaning.
So finally, about 1:00 I was on my way. I decided to at least get across the Mackinac Bridge so my target was a hotel in St. Ignace.