Tuesday – 1st Day of the Tour

Monday, we went on our shakedown trip up to lunch and back. It was a quick trip but fun. I found the Triumph to be a fun bike and I’m glad I picked it. I worried about bike selection quite a bit and changed my mind several times. I wanted to try something that I hadn’t ridden just for the experience.

I was having trouble with my GPS tracker so the route is not complete. I think I’ve got it sorted out and as long as I remember to turn it on, you should be able to track my progress.

It was up early yesterday as the tour guide wanted to be on the road by 7:00am. It was going to be a long day. We got started on time and fought traffic out of Auckland. The group managed to stay together and we eventually left the motorway and hit the back roads. The route took us into the Coromandel Mountain Range. It was billed as a scenic and quite technical ride, meaning lots of turns. It was fantastic! I found out yesterday that I didn’t really like riding in the large group so I decided to head out on my own after our first coffee break. I’m glad I did because I was able to ride at my own pace (fast) and stop as often as I wanted to enjoy the scenery. I would rank the ride as one of my top 5 favorites. Very technical with lots of curves and elevation changes. You can enjoy some of the imagery in the photo gallery.

Later that night we took a bus to Maori Concert and Hangi (traditional Maori feast). It was fun and the food was good. Here’s a short video.

Gotta go! Feel free to make comments if you’re so inclined.

New Zealand Arrival Day

After a bit of a scare in Detroit, the rest of the journey was uneventful. The shuttle to take us to O’Hara developed a faulty de-icing valve and had to be repaired before we could go. Fortunately they were able to fix it and we were on our way to Chicago. I had a huge 7 hour layover in Chicago so I wasn’t too concerned. Hell, if I had to, I could drive to Chicago and still make the next flight. Since I had a lot of time, I grabbed a seat at the bar and struck up some great conversation with several guys. The beer and dinner wine allowed me to sleep soundly for most of the night. I grabbed my Kindle and started a new book and before long, I checked and only had 2 hours before arrival. This is not so bad.

Continue reading “New Zealand Arrival Day”

Dayton, Kentucky, Athens, and Funeral

Took off Friday, August 10 to attend a birthday party for a friend who lives near Florence, KY. It’s just a ways across the Ohio River a few miles from Cincinnati. Spent the night Friday at my brother Ed’s and headed to the party Saturday late afternoon. It was a great party and I had fun meeting many new people. Continue reading “Dayton, Kentucky, Athens, and Funeral”

Thursday – I’m Done

70.32 Miles
14.9 mph
123 bpm avg heart rate
2493 Calories burned
1046 ft. elevation gain
312.0 Accumulated Miles

The rain finally stopped last night after dinner so got a chance to dry off some of the gear. I am very happy with my new tent. Kept me dry and the extra space was much appreciated. With a week worth of experience, I can set up camp in about 15 minutes. This will be beneficial when I take some long motorcycle tours later this year. Continue reading “Thursday – I’m Done”

Fun in the Rain

49.77 Miles
13.42 avg mph
117 bpm avg heart rate
1822 Calories burned
774 Elevation gain
241.7  accumulated miles

What an exciting day. Started off with a trash truck rumbling through the campgrounds at 5:00. Why do these guys always start so early in the morning? So I was up and couldn’t get back to sleep. Rain was threatening so I decided to leave early and try to beat the storm headed our way. Didn’t work. Started raining almost as soon as I left and never stopped. Most of the time, it was pouring. My glasses fogged up so I couldn’t see. Continue reading “Fun in the Rain”

Tuesday – Missed the Turnoff

53.38 Miles
13.6 avg MPH
118 bpm avg heart rate
1197 ft Altitude Ascent
1969 Calories burned
191.7 Total Accumulated Miles

Not much happening of interest. East winds kept the ride a bit rough but it wasn’t too bad. Not much scenery. Just more of the same corn fields and roadkill. They seem to have more coons and possums than we have around HB. Continue reading “Tuesday – Missed the Turnoff”

Monday – They lied about the wind

67.31 miles
13.32mph Avg speed
122 bpm avg heart rate
1758 ft elevation gain
2686 Calories burned

A miserable day. Weather forecast called for West winds but they were East. Some fairly big hills in the morning but then we were riding the corn fields. Flat with terrible road surfaces. One long section was just recently redone with chip/seal. Since it was new, it wasn’t packed and it was bumpy.

No support stops for the last 25 miles and there was no place to buy anything. The organizers called it a food desert. I would have been nice if they at least had a water thermos somewhere in that 25 miles.

We ended in the town of Portland. A nice place with 3 micro breweries. I was ready for some beer for sure.

Gonna be an early night as the forecast calls for more headwinds tomorrow.