Day 4 Glorious Sun! and Lots of BMWs

198 Miles…

Finally found some sun and the temperature was a perfect 60 degrees F. It was a great 200 mile ride through the county roads of Wisconsin. These roads all have alphabetical names such as CR Z or ZZ. So the saying goes, “I took the alphabet roads today”.

Arrived at Wisconsin Dells about 3:30 and registered for the weekend rally. I found a spot back in the corner to pitch my tent so I would be in a quiet space. Of course, I was serenaded with stereo snoring in tents on either side of me. I was tired so it didn’t really bother me. Chilly night with temps in the low 40’s but the sleeping bag was warm. Note to self… don’t drink too much beer on a night like that because you’ll have to drag yourself out of the tent and into the cold to relieve yourself, twice. Continue reading “Day 4 Glorious Sun! and Lots of BMWs”

Day 3, Onto Wisconsin

251 Miles…

An easy day, except for the rain. That’s 3 days straight of my 3 day trip. The 12% chance of rain turned into 100% for about half the trip today. The good news is that my rain gear is working well and I’m getting more confident riding in slicker road conditions. The forecast is sunny with moderate temperatures for the next few days. I’ll believe it when it comes. Good weather for the weekend is important because I plan to go to a BMW motorcycle rally in the Wisconsin Dells tomorrow and the rest of the weekend. I’ll be camping so let’s all pray for drier conditions. I’m excited because it’ll be my first rally. Continue reading “Day 3, Onto Wisconsin”

Day 2 – Tahquamenon Falls, Pictured Rocks, Copper Harbor plus Cold Rain

378 Miles…
Got a late start today. I decided to lighten my load on the bike because I was struggling with the heavy load of luggage. They say you almost always over pack the first time on a trip like this and that was the case with me. I could barely lift my top bag let alone try to do slow maneuvers with the bike so top heavy. So I sorted through the stuff and only kept the bare essentials. I really didn’t need a phone, laptop and tablet so the tablet was removed. I packed a bunch of AAA travel books and other maps but they were very heavy and most of them were removed. I can do my research on the laptop and also go to local AAA outlets for guides/maps. All the non-essentials were boxed up and sent back home via the local UPS store. Continue reading “Day 2 – Tahquamenon Falls, Pictured Rocks, Copper Harbor plus Cold Rain”

The Fall 2017 Journey Begins

Finally ready to go. I spent all day yesterday getting the bike ready. I used my new Harbor Freight wheel changer to mount and balance new tires on the front and rear. After that I changed the oil and preformed checkup and general cleaning.
So finally, about 1:00 I was on my way. I decided to at least get across the Mackinac Bridge so my target was a hotel in St. Ignace.