Day 8 – Cardrona/Crown Rd.

The day started off with a drizzle which soon turned into a downpour. We all put on our rain gear and headed out. When you ride, it’s not uncommon to get caught in the rain and the whole group took it in stride. After a couple hours it cleared up and were on our way to Arthur’s Pass. What a treat that was. The rains produced some stunning waterfalls as we rode across some stunning viaducts. Take a look in the photo gallery for some wonderful images. Look for Monday in the Photo Gallery. Everyone’s favorite stretch was when we literally drove right through a waterfall which dumped water right on the road. The force of the water and the resulting wind made it a challenge to stay upright. There’s a picture in the gallery. The West Coast is on the prevailing weather side of the island and has huge rainfall as a result. Arthur’s pass gets about 10 feet of rain a year. Bob, our leader was running a GoPro through the waterfall. I’ve got it on my computer and will upload it when time permits.

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