A short mileage day to Wellington. I’ve hooked up with a couple guys who spent hours researching routes and programming a gps to plan the very best scenic routes and twisty roads. They have allowed me and another rider ( a brit named Mick) to tag along with them. We have been able to avoid the slow parade that the other riders have to endure as they follow the tour leader. There a total of 17 bikes and 21 riders on this trip and that’s simply to0 many for just one guide. Hooking up with these guys has been a real blessing. For instance, yesterday, the main group visited a bird sanctuary while we saw a great car museum. Also, these guys are happy to ride “briskly” whereas it’s slow going in the pack. It also just so happens that they are both engineers so we have a lot in common. I’m hoping I can ride with them the rest of the trip.

The ride today was scenic and fun as we went up and down the Tararua Mountain Range. Enjoy the pictures in the gallery.

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